Unit 41 Assignment 3

Sword blender file: Sword .obj file: Sword render mp4 file: Unit 41 3D Modelling Assignment 3 Creating my sword Since my teacher allowed the use of the Blender application to create our models I used blender instead as I found it much easier to use than Houdini and there are lots moreContinue reading “Unit 41 Assignment 3”

Unit 41 Assignment 2

Unit 41 Assignment 2  Client brief  The client Riot Games corporation is asking me a freelancer to come up with a new sword idea for their champion called Riven.   So far these are all of Riven’s swords for all of her skins currently and now they are creating a new skin for Riven which I will have to make a sword for. LookingContinue reading “Unit 41 Assignment 2”

Unit 24 Task 3

D1/P6 – Design a control system that uses different types of sensors  For my project I decided to use the Intellibot software to make a TypeRacer bot.  My initial idea was to create a bot that would play CookieClicker for you and it would buy the upgrades so it wouldn’t be too boring however when I setup the first part of clicking the cookie it wasContinue reading “Unit 24 Task 3”

Unit 24 Assignment 2

P4 – Describe how data can be represented in control systems   Coding   Binary   Picture reference:  Computer systems use the counting system named ‘Binary’. The binary counting system is of the base 2 allowing you to choose either the number 0 or 1. These individual numbers in binary are known as ‘bits’ which are the smallest unitContinue reading “Unit 24 Assignment 2”

Unit 41 Assignment 1

Applications of 3D  3D modelling is used in a wide range of places such as: models, product design, animations, TV, film, web, games, education, architectural walk-through. I will be going through each of these and comprehensively explain the applications with examples.  Models  One of the main use applications of 3D is modelling. 3D Modelling is a techniqueContinue reading “Unit 41 Assignment 1”

Unit 24 Assignment 1

Unit 24: Controlling Systems Using IT  P1 Explain the types of control systems  Command Systems  A command system is a device which requires input from the user to perform some sort of function that the user executed on an electronic device. For example, a TV remote is an example of a command system as when a user presses the volume buttonContinue reading “Unit 24 Assignment 1”

Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction Task 3

Input  Keyboard  The keyboard is one of the most commonly and widely used devices around the world as a form of input when interacting with computers. A keyboard is composed of buttons which are referred to as ‘keys’. The keys are arranged into five sections: Alphabetical keys, F Keys, Numerical keys, Arrow keys, and Command keys.  The advantages of aContinue reading “Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction Task 3”

Unit 23 Human HCI P2, P3, M1, M2

Explain the Fundamental Principles of HCI Design  Perception  Perception is what is seen by the developer and user of an interface. What the user and developer perceive can be different as the user may have a basic understanding of developing interfaces, not understanding the specific underlying details that are taken into account when developing an interface.  Colours  The way colours areContinue reading “Unit 23 Human HCI P2, P3, M1, M2”

Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction

Development  Human computer interaction is the method of humans interacting with computers. The idea was first introduced in the 1980s as the popularity of personal computers had risen. The most common personal computers you would find in people’s home were the Macintosh, IBM PC 5150 and Commodore 64.  Early Design  The first design of Human Computer Interaction consisted of paperContinue reading “Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction”

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