Unit 41 Assignment 2

Unit 41 Assignment 2 

Client brief 

The client Riot Games corporation is asking me a freelancer to come up with a new sword idea for their champion called Riven.  

So far these are all of Riven’s swords for all of her skins currently and now they are creating a new skin for Riven which I will have to make a sword for. Looking at the swords we can see that the swords tend to be broken which reflects Riven’s lore of her being broken and exiled from her country but this Riven’s sword when she is in her normal state somebody else on my team will make another sword for when Riven activates her ultimate which increases the size of the sword, has glowing effects around it and is no longer broken anymore like shown below: 

Riot Games want me to follow this same pattern as the other swords do when I create my own sword.  

The new sword for the new upcoming Riven skin which Riot will be making a lot of money from I have been thinking firstly of the shape that I want it to have and what colour pair I will be using on the sword as well. I decided I would get ideas of what I will design my sword to look like by looking at all the skins from the very first one to the most recent one and look at different aspects of them including not just the sword itself but the overall skin as the colours of both the sword and the skin must match as we can’t have for example a yellow sword and then some black skin. I will also read the lore of Riven to get any ideas from there by understanding Riven’s past it might give me a better idea of what would be a suitable sword look for her. 

Own Brief 

I am doing a client brief as I am a freelancer and Riot games have requested me to complete a project for them but an own brief would be somebody who creates their own models possibly for fun, for business or some other reason therefore their brief would be completely up to them on what they wanted to design. 

Market Research 

Looking online for images of swords I browsed through Pinterest and Google and found some very interesting and cool looking concepts for swords 

Picture source: https://www.roleplaygateway.com/the-deck-ooc-t32624.html

Picture source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/501799583464075491/

Picture source: https://wickedfangs.artstation.com/projects/nYvN2e?album_id=2764068

Picture source: https://www.pinterest.cl/pin/792070653186136250/

Picture source: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y170/kungfutree/ScreenShot2014-03-03at83811AM_zpsda3d16f2.png

I got some ideas from these images for example I like the colours of the swords from these image: 

I believe that I’ll use a mix of red and black as it portrays Riven’s dark, sad and evil past of her having her father killed, becoming a child soldier at such a young age, and the many people she killed for her kingdom. 

The sword will also be broken as it states in her lore that she broke it: 


Looking at all of Riven’s swords and keeping in mind what I saw from the market research I did I plan on creating a sword that is half broken like in the picture directly above and it will be with a black and red colour scheme 

The blade will be broken sort of like this 

The blade itself will have a sort of pattern/design like this 

The handle part might be something a bit like this as it is quite aesthetic and makes the wielder of it look of great importance and strong which is what the champion Riven is. 

These are just ideas of the design that my sword will have. I will combine these together to form my own art concept for my sword. 


This is a simple sketch which I designed in paint of what I want my sword to look like when I designed it without the black and red. 

Here it is with the black and red colours and how I plan to use them. 


Since my weapon is not really going to be rotating or doing anything extremely fancy I am not creating a storyboard for it but I will explain what a storyboard is. 

A storyboard is a sequence of pictures put in chronological order to (which typically contain text as well) that displays to the person reading it how a story or in my case the model will behave. By showing this flow of diagrams it can help spot problems that would go unnoticed and it gives the person looking at it a better understand of what they are working with. 

The most my model will be doing in the game is just moving up and down for when the user goes to basic attack an enemy or object. 

Legal and ethical considerations 


Copyright wise I should be fine as this is a client brief from Riot games so they should be able to cover me with any copyright issues as they have lawyers and I have not copyright infringed anybody as I made this sword from scratch myself and came up with the idea of how the design will look and the colour schemes myself too. All of this is original work created by my therefore I have not breached any copyright laws. 


I need to make sure that this model does not get leaked at all which I would not do intentionally but without my knowledge there is a possibility it could happen for example if my device which stored this model got hacked and then it was released out to the public and then somebody copyrighted it which would be very bad for me. Therefore, I will make sure to keep this model under tight ropes and making sure my device is clean of any viruses. 


There are no problems which I can see with the ethics/race/decency/representation/gender/sexuality/religion as this is just a sword and I believe I am not offending any ethnicity or race or decency or gender with my sword and how it looks. Looking into specifics for ethnicity and race I would say theres nothing about my sword which offends either.  

For gender and sexuality I would say the colours I picked are fairly gender neutral as black is not really applicable to just one gender and red maybe might be slightly a bit more on the girl side but that’s if you are being really picky which I would personally disagree with.  

Lastly for religion as far as I am aware I do not believe that my sword and it’s colours are offending any religion but I could be wrong and would need somebody to double check over this that is more experience as possibly weapons such as a sword is not allowed in certain religions which I may not be aware of which is where I could be wrong. 


Age wise I need to be careful as this weapon is not suitable for children as it appears very dangerous and even the fact that is broken and has those sharp jagged edges makes it look extremely threatening so I wouldn’t want children seeing this weapon and get any crazy ideas like trying to recreate it in real life and using it against people which could cause fatal injury if they actually used proper materials. Luckily for me, this is already covered by the company Riot Games as they state in the terms and conditions the user must be 13+ years of age in order to play the game due to not only my weapon but many other weapons and champions in the game not being child friendly. Therefore, I do not have to directly deal with the issue as I am just a freelancer and Riot Games will have this sorted for me. 


  • Since League of Legends is rated as a 13+ game my target audience would most likely be from the age range of 13 – 25 as this age group would be ones that are more likely to have the free time to invest into the game as it is quite complex due to there being so much information you have to take in at the starts with all the different items, champions, their abilities, roles, runes and so much more. Also the game has quite the steep learning curve 
  • For the key visual themes I have done my best to make the sword appear as broken as possible so it matches with Riven’s lore stating that she broke her sword and I also chose the colours black and red which the other skins do not have so I am staying original and also to reflect Riven’s past with the black suggesting she had a dark past with lots of bloodshed on her sword from all the people she killed also suggested by the red 
  • For my polygon count I am going to try my best to stay under 100,000 polygons as I do not want the file size to be big and to take up too much performance as the game League of Legends is supposed to be able to run on devices that are on the lower end of video graphics card and CPUs and such. Fortunately for me, in League of Legends there can only be maximum ten characters on the screen at once since it a 5 vs 5 team game so I can get away a bit more with my polygon count but I still want to try my best in reducing the amount of polygons whilst still keeping the weapon in high detail. 
  • For the image resolution I am going to render it as a 1920×1080 HD to be able to present it to my client Riot Games in its top notch best quality so they can inspect the sword model from all angles and decide if they it meets their standards or not and whether it is a suitable design and appropriate colour scheme that I have selected for Riven 
  • For the output file size I decided to look at the League of Legends base model for Riven which I did so by watching this youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0tN22Yv_sE and after navigating to the models folder and then extracting the needed files using a tool called Obsidian: 

I found this file named “riven.skn”:  

Which I believe would be Riven’s base model skin as I only chose the base model to extract from. As we can see it is only 239 kilobytes and the majority of that is probably the Riven model herself and the sword. Therefore, If Riot accept my model from before when showing them the 1920×1080  HD rendered version, then when I export it and reduce the resolution size of the sword to a suitable one for being used in the game, then I will try my best to keep the sword’s file size under 150kb. The file type for houdini will be a .obj file.

Here is an example of a sword model created in houdini which mine will not look like but I will strive to create something as amazing as this: 

Picture source: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/L8X7/sword-generator 


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